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Float-Fishing Rigs





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This is a basic slip-sinker rig.  In involves an egg sinker, a bead, a swivel, and a hook of your choice.  This rig works good in current when the catfish are suspended on the bottom.

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To make this floating slip-sinker rig, thread a crappie float onto your leader and peg it in place.  This reduces snagging and keeps the bait at the fishs' eye level.

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If you don't have a 3-way swivel, you can just use a regular barrell swivel.  Tie your main line to the swivel and then attach a length of leader measuring 12-18" and a hook to the other side.  On the side where you tied your main line, tie on a length of line and attach a bell sinker on the end.



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This is an adjustible slip-sinker rig to use on a relatively clean bottom.  It has either a split-shot to stop the egg sinker or it has a bobber stop and a bead.  The weight of the sinker and the size of the hook are determined by the conditions being fished under.

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To make this 3-way rig, tie your main line to a 3-way swivel.  Then on the bottom ring of the 3-way swivel, tie a leader with a bell sinker attached to it.   On the other ring, attach a leader with a hook attached to the end and use whatever bait is desired.

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Tie on a sliding-dropper with a barrel swivel and a bell sinker and add a bead, another swivel, and a hook.