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Catchable trout stocking in 46 of northeast Iowa's 74 trout streams will begin the week of March 29 and continue until November.
Dave Marlof, DNR natural resources biologists said, more than 350,000 catchable-size rainbow, brown and brook trout will be stocked in a nine-county area in 1999. While most streams will be stocked weekly, frequency will vary from once a month to three times a week.  Stocking frequency depends on stream habitat, Fishing pressure and the type of fishery desired at each stream.
Iowa has a continuous open season on trout with a daily limit of five and a possession limit of 10.  To possess trout, all anglers who are required to have a license must pay a $10.50 "trout fee."  This fee replaces the trout stamp.  Anglers who have paid the trout fishing fee and would like a trout stamp can get one free by sending a vendor-provided post card to the DNR office in Des Moines.  Trout stamps can also be purchased directly at the Des Moines office.
Iowa residents under 16 years of age and nonresidents under 14 must either pay the trout fee or fish with a licensed adult who has paid the trout fee to possess trout.  Their combined catch cannot exceed the daily limit of five trout.  Persons with a lifetime fishing license must purchase a trout fee annually to possess trout.  Trout fees can be paid anywhere licenses are sold.
In addition to the 46 areas stocked with catchable trout, Iowa has five streams with special regulations.  These regulations are designed to either protect or enhance existing natural populations of trout.  Posted areas on each of these five streams restrict angler's to artificial lures only.  Depending on the stream or location, regulations will require anglers to either release all trout of certain species or trout of a certain length, unharmed.  Anglers should be aware of the specific special regulations on the following five streams:  Ensign Hollow and Bloody Run in Clayton County, Spring Branch in Delaware County, French Creek in Allamakee County and South Pine Creek in Winneshiek County.
The DNR urges anglers to be considerate of landowners because many trout streams are on private property.  Anglers should clean-up their litter, not block driveways and use common-sense courtesy.
Trout stocking information is available 24 hours a day by phoning Hot-Lines at the trout rearing facilities at Manchester (319-927-5736), Big Spring (319-245-1699) or Decorah (319-382-3315).  Stocking schedules may also be obtained from the DNR web-site at or by visiting one of the hatcheries.  The Iowa Trout Fishing Guide, a free and complete guide to trout fishing in Iowa including a detailed map and trout fishing tips, is available at most DNR facilities and many license vendors.


Iowa boat owners are reminded this is the year to renew boat registrations at their county recorder’s office. All boat registrations and assigned numbers expire at midnight April 30 in odd-numbered years.

With a few exceptions, all vessels operated on public waters must be registered. Those vessels excluded from registration requirements include traditional non-power and non-sail canoes and kayaks 13-feet or less in length, and inflatable non-power and non-sail craft 7 feet or less in length.

Registration fees vary from $5 to $28 depending on the type and size of the vessel. A $1 writing fee per registration is charged in addition to the registration fee.
Boat owners with questions concerning specific regulations should contact their local conservation officer. Copies of the Iowa Boating Regulations brochure, which includes a table of the various boat registration fees, can be obtained at county recorder's offices, by writing the Iowa DNR, Wallace State Office Building, 900 E. Grand, Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0034, or by calling (515) 281-5145 or (515) 281-5918.

The Iowa DNR also offers an Iowa Boating Basics Home Study Course. The course covers everything from boating safety and operation to equipment and maintenance and it is available to those ages 12 and older.  Some insurance companies will offer rate discounts for boaters who have successfully completed a boating education course.

Iowa Boating Basics Home Study Course packets can be obtained by calling the Iowa DNR at (515) 281-5145 or (515) 281-5918.