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Bass Fishing


Bass have become much more fished over the years than they used to be. More anglers are getting into the Bass trend and buying a bunch of lures, crankbaits, jigs, worms and more. Well if you have all that already all you need to know is how to use it. I'll try to tell you a little about that so you can go out and catch some HUGE Bass. Email me if you have any Bass fishing information that I left off this page.


I think that bass are so popular because they put up a huge fight. Even a 1 lb. bass feels like a trophy, and you never know how big it is until you pull it into the boat. A good fishing club for the angler that loves bass is B.A.S.S . It is a magazine devoted to the art of catching bass. In Bassmaster magazine you will find ways to fish crankbaits, jigs, tubes, and about every other kind of lure out there. So try to get into a fishing club or magazine totally devoted to Bass.


Fishing in July is kind of a tough time for bass. You don't want to fish too deep, and try to fish cover and in the shade. Plastic worms are a very good choice. Use a plastic worm carolina rigged for open water cover. The texas rig also works good and a Slug-go lure works when fishing weed lines. Many people try using jig-and-pig combos, as well as weedless tube jigs and spinnerbaits. And most important of all, fish slow and try to reach all the cover you can.

Spinnerbaits work very good for bass all year around. Bass move in shallow in the spring, so you will find them near cover or just out in shallow open water. In Spring look for riprap, root beds, fallen trees, boat docks, stumps, flooded brush, and rock beds. On sunny days bright colors work best, like chartuse, red, and white. When it is dark and it looks like it will rain try using dark colors like dark blue, purple, brown and black. Bass often spook easily so when you feel that the bass are skiddish try using copper or gold, because silver puts out too much flash. Single spinner baits put out more vibrations than double blade, but the double blades put out more flash for when bass are very active. When you are looking for big bass try adding skirts and tails. The kinds of spinner blades also plays an important role. Colorado blades spin quickly and they require less action to move the blade. Willow-leaf blades send out a strong pulse through the water, and they create a lot of flash. The 2 bladed combo of Willow-Leaf and Colorado work very well when bass are looking for a big bite. So when you are fishing for bass and arn't getting any fish, remember these tips about spinnerbaits and try your luck.

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If you have any questions about Bass or any other fish email me at Or if there's anything you would like to see on this page. Hope to talk with you soon.

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